June 25, 2018

    Hoopeston Area Superintendent Outlines New Student Safety Measures

    Hoopeston Area Superintendent Suzi Hesser outlined some of the new security and student safety measures the district has implemented for next school year during last week’s Hoopeston Area Board of Education meeting.

    Hesser said the district is adding two apps to enhance security for the upcoming school year.

    The first is CRISIS GO, an app that provides staff members mobile access to the district’s crisis plan, alert signals in crisis situations, the ability to share information in a crisis and methods for reporting student attendance in the event of an evacuation.

    The second app, called StopIT!, is an anonymous reporting system that allows students and families to report safety concerns directly to administration.

    While the program is completely anonymous, Hesser said users are able to attach screenshots, pictures, and videos while also having the option for a secure chat with administration.

    “At Hoopeston Area, we understand that safety and security is our number one priority,” she said. “Therefore we have worked diligently this year to learn about youth mental health and trauma-informed practices, train in ALICE, conduct a thorough review and revision of our crisis plan, update our radios for communication, add the CRISIS GO app to effectively respond to crisis, and add the StopIT! app to present a crisis through anonymous reporting. As we serve our students, families and entire community, we welcome feedback and conversation regarding our ongoing efforts to continually improve safety and security at Hoopeston Area.”

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