January 6, 2015

    IL High School Gets App for Students to Eliminate Cyberbullying

    PINCKNEYVILLE, IL (KFVS) –Pinckneyville Community High School is getting the STOP!T app, to eliminate cyberbullying.

    Administrators mailed codes to students on Tuesday, allowing any student to anonymously send screenshots of any type of inappropriate online content.

    Principal Dustin Foutch says it’s all about being proactive.

    “We want to come up with a way, as a school to combat it and keep it from happening,” he said.

    Foutch said with this app, students may feel more comfortable to use it.

    “It’s hard to walk into the principal’s office and say so and so said this last night,” Foutch said. “With this app, it’ll be 100 percent anonymous.”

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