October 24, 2015

    IL High School Uses STOPit App to Eliminate Cyberbullying

    PINCKNEYVILLE, IL (KFVS) – At Pinckneyville High School, students are given the initiative to stop cyberbullying in its tracks.

    “If you saw some bullying or something, you could screenshot that and then it would get reported to Mr. Foutch and he would take care of it,” a high school junior, Libby Ryterski, said.

    It’s called the STOP!T app, and the school has had it in place since January.

    “A kid can feel comfortable if seeing something online they shouldn’t see and then submitting it directly to the school administration, without fear of any type of repercussion coming to them because all the information is submitted completely anonymously,” Principal Dustin Foutch said.

    It’s an app, student Libby Ryterski said is a pretty powerful tool in high school.

    “Really helpful especially for like a school community, cause there’s bullying that happens all the time and it’s just difficult for everyone to stop it, and it’s like the app is named…stop it,” Ryterski said.

    So how does it work?

    Once the app is downloaded, a screen will pop up asking the students to write an incident report, briefly describing what they saw…and then they’re also able to attach a screenshot of what they saw, then having the option to anonymously send it to school administrators, then showing up for administrators on an incident screen.

    “Whenever I click on view, it’ll show me that incident that the student filed,” Foutch said.

    Foutch said the school administration is able to see the date and time the student filed the incident, and close the incident once it’s been addressed with the student(s) involved.

    So far, Principal Dustin Foutch says he’s only seen a handful of incidents reported.

    “When kids know that you have those resources out there, when kids know that they can be reported for making a nasty comment on Facebook, then I think it makes the kids think twice before they put that out there,” he explained.

    In addition to the Stop it app, the school also has an email set up for students to anonymously send screenshots of any cyberbullying they see online as well.

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