December 8, 2017

    Indian Creek Implements Anti-Bullying App

    JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio — The Indian Creek School District is implementing a new program to anonymously tackle bullying and security concerns.

    “It’s to help protect the district, help protect the students and provide another layer of security,” said Indian Creek Assistant Superintendent John Belt.

    “If a student is aware of a threat or aware of a student that is hurting themselves or causing harm to another student, they can send an anonymous text, a picture or even a video grab,” Belt said.

    The new program has the district revisiting its policies on cell phones. For example, recording to bully or embarrass students on social media is still prohibited.

    “If a student is recording something to share with their own parent or to share with a school official for their protection or protection of a friend, we’re not going to shoot the messenger,” Belt said.

    Despite signs discouraging cell phone use in the middle school, Indian Creek Middle School Principal Holly Minch-Hick said there are situations that call for action, or, at least documenting action.

    “We have told the kids if something is happening right then and there that you feel you need to report, please take your cell phone out and report it at that time,” Minch-Hick said.

    Parents and students at Indian Creek Middle school have already been using the application.

    Administrators are hoping the rest of the district is using it by Christmastime.

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