October 16, 2018

    Keys Public Schools to Introduce Anti-bullying App

    October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and Keys High School Principal Steven Goss shared his plans at the Keys Board of Education regular meeting on Oct. 11 on unveiling a new student app the high school will implement regarding bullying.

    “This app is called Stop It. It would allow students to anonymously notify the school about bullying or other threats,” said Goss.

    All students can download the app and send in a screen shot, photo or other information.

    The information will be send to Goss, Bob Lewandowski, and two others on staff, who would determine how to proceed – whether it’s something they can resolve or if police need to be involved.

    “The goal is to keep our kids safe,” Goss said. “As kids get used to it, they’ll share more. That’s how kids communicate these days. We have really good staff here and teachers are approachable, but we have to meet kids where they are: social media.”

    The app will launch after fall break during an assembly.

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