March 18, 2015

    Livingston Resident’s App Helps Deter Bullying in Schools

    LIVINGSTON, NJ – Livingston resident and LHS graduate, Jonathan Pearl, has developed a globally acknowledged mobile application called STOPit, with is a platform designed as a solution to the growing epidemic of cyber bullying. As a parent of two girls, STOPit COO Pearl says adopting the app is a simple, inexpensive way to ensure a safe environment for the community’s youth.

    Already adopted by schools in 13 U.S. states and four different countries, the STOPit application is a tool that empowers students by allowing them to anonymously report any and all instances of bullying. According to Pearl, the program acts like a safety blanket for kids who might be nervous to report their tormenters, but it also acts as a deterrent that Pearl says has been improving behavior in some schools.

    During last week’s Town Council meeting, the council expressed an interest in the app. Councilman Edward Meinhardt expressed his support at the meeting and is hoping to get the support of LMAC, the town council, and the BOE moving forward.

    “I think any town council should support the use of this app,” Pearl said. “Livingston has a reputation of having an excellent school system, so it’s incumbent upon the town and the BOE to continue to evolve and to provide our kids with every possible tool to stay safe.”

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