August 17, 2018

    LMSD STOPit App Benefits Students

    WINSTON COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s a simple phrase with a complete meaning.

    The Louisville Municipal School District is looking to put it into action.

    “If technology is a part of the problem it needs to be part of the solution,”said History teacher Billie Fulton.

    We all know the pros and cons of social media. but one con that sticks out the most is cyber bullying, for Students in the Louisville Municipal School District there’s an app for that.

    “Students can logon. They can go to the school district website they can download the app and it allows them to report anonymously then it allows a conversation to take place, dialogue with whoever you designate so we have like our counselors are resource officers are principles so we can at least be alert of a problem,”said Superintendent Randy Grierson.

    Louisville High Senior Star Latham says she is excited for the help having this line of communication could really make a difference in her school.

    “Me personally, I think more students would come out about bullying. If you see a problem you would say hey instead of saying I don’t know what to do you are automatically jump to it have a solution and help someone out,”said Latham.

    Students can not only report bullying but also self harm, illegal activities, and physical altercations.

    Fulton says the schools understand the app is not a cure-all but for this generation it takes a step in the right direction.

    “Their cell phones and technology are comfortable to them so they may feel more comfortable reporting an incident using a computer or cell phone then they would be even go into a classroom teacher or two in administrator,”said Fulton.

    Superintendent Randy Grierson says he wanted to help students understand a conversation can always be helpful instead of waiting until a situation gets out of control.

    “So it’s just about being responsible teach kids how to take things instead of in their own hands let adults handle it because that’s what they’re going to have to learn to do in life,”said Grierson.

    This is the first year the district is using this method of reporting. If this year is successful they are looking to add more apps to the schools.

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