September 22, 2016

    Maury County Schools Battle Bullying with New App

    MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Maury County schools hope that using an app will cut down on bullying.

    “Bullying is a hot topic,” said Robb Killen with Maury County Public Schools.

    It is a topic the school district is tackling head on with an app called STOPit.

    “Like many school districts, we have had incidents of bullying in the past,” explained Killen.

    The app works to stop bullying by allowing bystanders and even people getting bullied to reach out for help.

    “This is if you are reporting any bullying, any unsafe situation, anything that you need to report and the report can take the form of a text or picture or video.”

    Any student can download the app and report what they see to school leaders anonymously. So far, the four schools that have started using the app are seeing success.

    “Some schools where we thought we were going to get a lot of reports we haven’t, and a lot of that is credited to how they rolled out the program and let the students know this is going on,” said Killen.

    Killen also said about 50 incidents have been reported so far.

    “We have seen success with bullying incidents, things on the bus and even students who have had suicidal thoughts.”

    The schools using the app are Mount Pleasant High School, Mount Pleasant Middle School, Spring Hill Middle School and Santa Fe Unit School.

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