September 10, 2018

    More Than 18,000 Frisco ISD Students Have Downloaded New Mobile Safety App

    The Frisco ISD board of trustees received an update on STOPit, the new mobile safety app the district rolled out this year, at its meeting Monday.

    STOPit is a mobile app that allows students, parents, teachers and others to anonymously report anything of concern to school officials such as cyberbullying and threats of violence or self-harm. The app went live Aug. 29.

    FISD Chief Student Services Officer Cory McClendon said students and staff on secondary campuses were reached out to during advisory times to explain the app. For elementary school campuses, students are encouraged to use the web version accessible through the campus website. Elementary students can also report anonymously by providing a report in boxes designated as “Bully Box” or “Notes to Teacher Box.”

    Since the app went live, the district has had 18,578 students download the app and have had more than 5,000 web activations and 228 reports filed using the app, McClendon said.

    “Those reports vary as far what they reported on…but students are using the [app]and we look forward to continuing using STOPit throughout this year,” McClendon said.

    For more information on app and how to use it, go to

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