May 18, 2015

    Mother of Ash Haffner and Others Begin Battle Against Bullying

    The mother of Ash Haffner — a Union County 16-year old who committed suicide — is battling against bullying, which she says led to the death of her child.

    April Quick says Ash was bullied for her struggles with gender identity, as well as being skinnier than other kids.

    Haffner was a student at Porter Ridge High School in Union County. Haffner jumped in front of a moving vehicle near her home on Feb. 25, 2015 and died from injuries sustained, the following day.

    Indian Trail Mayor Michael Alvarez, along with Quick and a group of others, have formed a group to try and get more bullying prevention programs in North Carolina schools.

    “Get a core group of people to come up with these ideas on how we can hit local, state and federal issues to realize this is a real issue,” Alvarez said. “Instead of pointing blame and ignoring the issues of bullying and saying there’s nothing we can do…there’s not enough funding for the schools to counsel these kids.”

    The school is currently researching the STOPit platform and considering implementing it across the district.


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