March 3, 2018

    New Anti-Bullying App Allows Students To Report Incidents

    OAK CREEK, WI — In an effort to help identify and address bullying across the Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District, officials rolled out a new anti-bullying smartphone app that allows witnesses and victims the chance to report incidents as they happen.

    Called the STOPit app, this smartphone app allows students to anonymously report any inappropriate behavior directly to a school administrator. According to district officials, the app is installed on every electronic device in the district, making it easier for students to access it throughout the day. Each school has a unique code for students to enter to make sure their anonymous report is instantly delivered to school administrators and pupil services team.

    The app allows students to submit screenshots, pictures and video clips with each report.

    According to district officials, the app has an “after-hours” setting that connects students with a list of resources including the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, Milwaukee Psychiatric Crisis Hotline, and the Oak Creek Police Department.

    Administrators say they’ve seen a positive impact. “The STOPit app gives our students another avenue to say something when they see something. Allowing them to continue to advocate for safety in their school.” Jenny Handlen, Social Worker for both of the District’s Middle Schools said in a district report.

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