January 31, 2017

    New Anti-Bullying Program a Hit at Sycamore

    Bullying has always been an unfortunate part of the school experience for some children.

    And in recent years, it’s become even more insidious, with technology making it possible to bully someone without talking to or seeing them in person.

    But a new app aims to give both school administrators and students a new tool to fight bullying no matter how it occurs.

    “Stop !t,” an app that can be installed on both iPhone and Android phones, allows students to anonymously report incidents of bullying to school administrators.

    The new program was recently introduced at Sycamore Middle School in Gridley, and according to assistant principal Cynthia Soares, it’s been popular so far.

    “It’s another tool that can help us keep our students safe,” Soares said.

    A quartet of Sycamore eighth graders welcomed the new program.

    “It’ll be a good thing to have,” Kennedy Tull said.

    All four students – who will move on to high school next year – said they would use the app to report bullying if they saw it.

    “Some kids may feel like they make themselves a target if they report it,” Ally Marbenh said.

    Damian Mendoza, another eighth grader, said anything that helps fight bullying is a positive step.

    “Reporting it and stepping in when you see it is the only way to stop it,” Mendoza said.

    Lupita Soria, another eighth grader, is new to the Gridley district and said she has been able to make friends here.

    But she also welcomes another tool to help students who might be experiencing bullying.

    The new program was introduced to both students and parents recent

    Soares said response to the program has been positive so far, although administrators have had to work through a number of false reports.


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