August 30, 2018

    New App at Barnum will Report Bullying

    Students at the Barnum schools will be able to anonymously report bullying on a new app, reported High School Principal Brian Kazmierczak to the Barnum School Board on Tuesday, Aug. 21.

    “Students can contact us when they observe bullying or see cyber bullying on a new app called Stop It,” said Kazmierczak. “We are trying to give the students the opportunity to help in a situation. They can do it by phone. It is an app signed in to the school and the students can attach photos or videos. It comes to me.”

    Kazmierczak said that the app also documents the messages. The student will be anonymous but they have the option to share who they are, he added.

    Superintendent Dave Bottem said that the school was going to try it for a year.

    “It’s a good preventative,” he said.

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