October 16, 2019

    New App ‘fills a gap’ For School Safety ‘STOPit’ Allows Students to Anonymously Report Threats

    by Mark Dee

    A pair of incidents at Blaine County schools brought student safety back to the fore last week. This year, though, administrators are using a new tool to help secure schools—and, they say, it’s already paying dividends.

    Students at Carey, Silver Creek and Wood River middle and high schools started using the STOPit smartphone app to report incidents at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year. The online platform allows students to anonymously text administrators and school resource officers when they see suspicious behavior, and help staff coordinate a response.

    So far, those tips have led to “successful interventions” on concerns involving self-harm, bullying, harassment, drugs and alcohol use, cyber-stalking and possible domestic violence between dating students, according to Hailey Police Officer Shawna Wallace, who is assigned to Wood River High School.


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