October 10, 2017

    New App to Stop Bullying Implemented in Lindale ISD

    LINDALE, Texas (KETK) – Lindale ISD is doing their part in the fight against bullying. They have introduced a new app to parents and students meant to open up the conversation.

    “There comes a point where parents have to step up and help their kids understand that this is a problem, to report it if it does, and not to do something drastic,” Greg of Lindale said.

    One third of all elementary students in the United States say they have been bullied at school. To combat the problem, Governor Abbott signed David’s Law this summer. It’s named after a child who committed suicide after being bullied.

    The law requires schools to add new resources to protect kids, including those who are victims of cyberbullying. “No longer is bullying confined to the four walls of the school, or the locker room, or whatever you’d want to say,” Lori Anderson, director of federal programs for Lindale ISD, said.

    Lindale ISD has debuted their new app, Stop It. It allows parents and students to write in anonymous tips about bullying and then their message is sent directly to the principal’s cell phone.

    “They are instantly notified if a report has been submitted,” Anderson explained.

    Parents are hoping this tool will bring more awareness.

    “It would be great if there was no bullying. Hopefully we can find a way to minimize it.”

    Technology alone won’t solve the problem, so all students at all grade levels were given a talk about bullying at the beginning of the school year.

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