August 19, 2015

    New STOPit App Allows Students to Report Cyberbullying

    With the rise of social media and student technologies both inside and outside of the classroom, cyberbullying now affects over half of adolescents and teens across the United States. Studies show alarming growth rates in the number of children affected by cyberbullying. According to the iSafe Foundation (2014), at least 52% of teens have been bullied online and 35% of children have been threatened while surfing the web.

    The STOPit app has jumpstarted a powerful transformation in school cultures by providing a cyberbullying deterrent. A technology platform available for download as an app, students can anonymously report incidents of cyber abuse with the click of a button on their smartphones. A report is then sent directly to STOPit’s cloud-based incident management system, DOCUMENTit, which notifies school administrators in real time.

    The STOPit app provides a safe, quick, and simple solution to help students deter cyberbullying, and may also help prevent it from happening in the future. With the ability to report cyber abuse immediately through a student’s own smartphone, cyberbullies may think twice before they send or post a hurtful message.

    STOPit has recently partnered with Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation and received a personal investment from him. The app is currently implemented in over 100 schools across the United States and recently expanded into Canada, Ireland, Italy, and South Africa.


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