March 6, 2014

    NJ Schools Partner with New App to Help Students Report and Prevent Cyberbullying

    The Kenilworth public schools and Saint Denis School in Manasquan have partnered with STOPiT, an anti-bullying mobile app that allows victims and witnesses of cyberbullying to anonymously report the incidents.

    The mobile app has four functions to help users put a stop to cyberbullying, an issue that affects one in six teenagers. It allows users to forward offensive material to trusted adults and authorites and to find support for victims. The app also gives bystanders the ability to share incidents they have witnessed and for users to document material for future investigations or actions.

    Seven schools nationally have signed up with the app to connect students with school authorities, but the app can also be used by individual students and parents. It is available for Android and iPhone smartphones and tablets.

    “The response we have received from schools around the country has been amazing,” STOPiT president Todd Schobel said. “It’s a testament to our approach and shows the dedication educators have for protecting our children. We look forward to working with the schools to implement their programs and stop cyberbullying.”

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