February 18, 2016

    Parents Hold Anti-Bullying Rally at Bolivar HS

    BOLIVAR, Tenn. — Parents rallied Thursday night at Bolivar High School as part of a statewide anti-bullying campaign.

    The event featured presentations from international anti-bullying advocates Carol Todd and detective Sgt. Tom Rich.

    The rally was organized by a group with “STOP!T,” a smartphone app that allows students to anonymously report cyber-abuse and harassment. They spoke to students earlier Thursday.

    The man behind the app says he is on a mission to end cyber abuse around the globe.

    “Our goal is to make the world a better place, and if we can give a tool that gets people to stop and think before they make that post or before maybe they do something to somebody, I think we’re going to do our job,” said Todd Schobel with “STOP!T.”

    The rally was part of a two-day campaign across the state with more than a dozen people attending Thursday night’s event.

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