February 10, 2016

    Phone Application Aims to Combat Cyberbullying

    MISSOULA, Mont. -A phone application is working to combat cyberbullying in schools. It allows kids to report cyber threats to trusted adults.

    A mean post on a Facebook newsfeed, an embarrassing picture or a harassing text message are all considered cyberbullying.

    Hope Sands is a student at Hellgate High School. She said cyberbullying can be hard for kids to deal with.

    “There’s not really much you can do once it’s started and it’s out there,” said Sands.

    That’s the problem a new phone application called Stop!t is trying to solve. Users can report cyber offenses by directly contacting a trusted adult. The app allows users to anonymously report the incident.

    Students say it would spotlight activity on the internet and expose those who bully. Emma Smith is a student at Hellgate and she says the app would empower people to report bullying.

    “I think people are really scared to take action on it. I think it’s more hidden,” said Smith.

    Ramon Chaveze said the application would be a good way to call out bullies.

    “It’s a little bit easier to track people down, people who bully on the internet,” said Chaveze.

    The Stop!t button allows users to take screen shots of a threatening message or post and send that screen shot to a trusted adult.


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