January 11, 2019

    Piedmont Schools Turning to Technology to Help Deter Bullying, Inappropriate Behavior

    PIEDMONT, Okla. – A local school district has teamed up with a technology platform to make its schools safer.

    Earlier this week, Piedmont Public Schools announced that it has enrolled with ‘STOPit,’ a platform that deters and controls harmful or inappropriate conduct.

    “STOPit gives our students a confidential and real-time technology platform to report threatening or concerning behaviors or situations. We are excited to offer this tool to our students and school community,” stated Shawn Blankenship, Executive Director of Administrative Services.

    ‘STOPit’ allows students to submit anonymous reports containing text, photos, or video. Administrators are then able to manage reports and message with the tipster to help investigate the claims.

    Officials say it will give administrators an upper hand when it comes to deterring bullying and inappropriate behavior.

    Piedmont is set to launch ‘STOPit’ district-wide on Friday.


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