December 12, 2018

    Radford City Schools Enrolling with STOPit to Protect Students

    RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ) One hometown is looking to prevent bullying, suicide, and harm to students with the help of an app.

    Radford City Schools will implement the STOPit app into all of its schools in January.

    STOPit allows students to send anonymous tips to all school and administration officials.

    The superintendent, Rob Graham, said this is a way to empower students to help themselves and each other. He added that if it saves just one student’s life, it’ll be worth it.

    “I think our hope is that it will decrease bullying, cyber-bullying,” Graham said. “It’ll help those that have some emotional needs and really serve as an outlet to those to feel protected when they need to make a report.”

    Students can submit text, photos, or videos through the app. Administrators can then message the student back and respond to the report appropriately.

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