December 5, 2014

    Scholastic Names STOPit one of 6 Awesome Apps for Classroom Management

    Encode a secret message on a World War II Enigma machine. Journey into outer space to explore the surface of the sun. Or see what your town looked like in the 1800s. No, these aren’t Ms. Frizzle’s lesson plans. All are real activities taking place in classrooms across the nation.

    These days, all you need to take your class on the adventure of a lifetime is a fabulous app–or two, or three, or 50. To find out how teachers around the country are using apps to transform the classroom experience, we polled our Scholastic Teachers Facebook community, reached out to our advisers, and connected with education bloggers. The responses prove that there are incredible apps for every occasion, from reinforcing lessons to communicating with parents.

    STOPit encourages kids to stand up to bullies by reporting instances of cyberbullying. Kids can send reports to preselected adults and reach out for emotional support quickly and confidentially.

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