March 9, 2017

    School Steps Up to Stop Bullying

    SOUTHSIDE, AR (KAIT) – Students in the Southside School District are using a new app to report bullying.

    According to Roger Rich, superintendent of the Southside School District, the students are using a bullying prevention app called STOPit.

    Rich said the STOPit app allows students to report and send a video of any type of bullying or self-harm anonymously.

    He said this app has been very beneficial in connecting with the students.

    “We’ve had some individuals who called and asked if we’re interested in looking into an app that will help diminish bullying,” Rich said. “I looked into it along with my junior high principal and high school principal, and we had our technology folks check it out to make sure everything was legit.”

    The superintendent said 50% of their students have installed the app on their phones.

    He said after the students make their report through the app, the message is immediately sent to the school’s counselor, resource officers or other authority figures.

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