August 18, 2014

    The Sexual Predator App With a 100 Percent Conviction Rate

    “Parents are trying to monitor their kid’s online and mobile behavior; according to Pew’s 2012 “Parents, Teens and Online Privacy” study, 50 percent of parents of online teens have used parental controls or other means of blocking, filtering, or monitoring their child’s online activities.

    Carol Todd believes technology can play a role in fighting online predators. She’s a big advocate of STOPit, an app that provides a place for students to anonymously report acts of cyberbullying to school officials and legal authorities. “If an app like STOPit can make those who are targeted and bullied feel more supported, they might be inclined to report their bullies or if they notice someone else being bullied online, they just might stop being a bystander and report it,” she says.”

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