October 3, 2014

    Smartphone App Aims to Stop Bullying Before it Starts

    MIDLAND, TX – A new app is aiming to stop cyberbullying right in it’s tracks. Students can send in evidence of bullying anonymously by the push of a button.

    Unfortunately, we’ve all seen the tragic effects of bullying here in West Texas but one app called “STOPit” aims to diminish that even before it starts.

    Chances are you know someone who’s fallen victim to the bullying epidemic which takes places mostly on social media.

    “[Bullies] won’t confront somebody, they’ll do it behind the screen because that’s when they feel brave,” Sgt. Jimmy Young of the Midland Police Department, said.

    One app called “STOPit” aims to diminish cyberbullying before it starts.

    “We are bringing it up to the forefront. So schools can get in front of an issue, so parents and uncles and clergy and whoever can all be notified at once and wrap their arms around this child in crisis before they internalize and go places where none of us want them to go,” President and CEO of STOPit, Todd Schobel, said.

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