December 9, 2015

    Steve Weatherford, STOPit Go On Holiday Shopping Spree With Low-Income Kids

    EAST HANOVER, N.J. – A bunch of children from New Jersey got a Giant dose of Christmas magic this holiday season.

    “I got roller blades,” one kid smiled.

    “Two Disney infinity toys,” another added.

    It’s a Target shopping spree they get to enjoy, for free.

    “Usually I don’t know what I’ll be getting for Christmas now I can get something for myself,” young Jayshon said.

    All the children come from low-income families in New Jersey.

    “To be able to come here and enjoy Christmas and give them the opportunity to enjoy Christmas like every kid should, it’s a blessing for me,” Steve Weatherford said.

    Steve Weatherford, Super Bowl champ and former New York Giants punter puts on this event in East Hanover every year through his foundation.

    “More importantly than buying a gift it gives me an opportunity to spend time with each and every kid and give them a chance to enjoy Christmas the way my kids enjoy it,” Weatherford added.

    Each one of them were given $50 to spend as they pleased.

    “I’m like really shocked that he’s here and doing this and I’m really thankful,” Jayshon said.

    But Weatherford couldn’t do it alone. He teamed up with an organization called STOPit, which donated $4,000 worth of smiles.

    “We are an anti-bullying reporting platform for schools and we give kids an app so they can report things anonymously,” Todd Schobel, CEO of STOPit, explained.

    Todd Schobel and members of his family and STOPit helped out by being personal shoppers.

    “We’re just really looking forward to being a part of what he’s doing,” he smiled. “It’s great, we’re excited.”

    “Mommy, if you’re out there and Nana too, if you’re watching this, I got a sword!” Keon beamed.

    For some like, 10-year-old Keon, this means more than most of us will ever know.

    “What was the first thing you wanted to get, you listened to mom and got what?” Weatherford said to Keon. “I got socks then I could get some toys!”

    Another kid even put his wish list aside to buy something for his best friend.

    “Because his and his sister’s birthday are coming up soon so I wanted to get him a gift,” he said.

    A message of giving Weatherford wants his kids to understand, which is why he brings them to events like this. As the night comes to an end, everyone leaves with thankful hearts as full as their shopping bags.

    “When you get everything you want, it feels amazing!” Keon yelled.

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