October 12, 2016

    Stop Bullying Day – 9 Apps That Are Tackling the Underrated Menace

    Tina sits on the bench and looks at the cool kids playing football. Earlier, they played with her pencils – her 12 new pencils, given to her by her favourite aunt. By the time they were done, three were broken, one was missing and four were in the wastepaper basket. She just had four left – the gray one, the yellow one, the brown one and the light green one. All the colours she doesn’t really like. They think she’s weird because she’s 14 and uses coloured pencils.

    She told Mom about them, she told her how the cool kids were bullying her. That morning, Mom told her that it’s Stop Bullying Day. ‘They won’t bully you today.’ But they did. If only Tina had a magic wand that could put those bullies in their rightful place. She narrates all of this to Mom. Although Mom doesn’t have a wand, she has the muggle world’s equivalent of one – a smartphone. And using her smartphone, she tells her beautiful daughter about 9 magical apps that are sure to help her stand up to those bullies.

    Stop!t: Somewhat like Anonymous Alerts, ‘Stop!t’ will also let Tina report bullies. However, this app will get her in touch with more than just administrators. With it, she can report these kids to her mom, teacher, coach, or even an uncle or her favourite aunt. But, the best part about Stop!t is that it has a HELP button that will allow her to call or message a 24/7 crisis support network, since she’s in the US. Mom: What do we say to bullying? Tina: Stop!t!

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