March 30, 2015

    STOPit App Lets Kids Anonymously Report Bullying

    By Briana Vannozzi Correspondent

    Few can forget the haunting video of 15-year-old Amanda Todd — the flashcards sharing her last words of pain just a month before she took her own life. It sparked a global conversation about cyber bullying, and it sparked Jersey resident and father of three Todd Schobel to do something about it.

    “That was it. When I saw that, that was it. I started to investigate what was out there, what resources for parents, for kids, what have you, and I didn’t see what made sense to me,” he said.

    What made sense to him was an app — geared toward the digital bubble kids live in — and the hope of empowering them with the ability to send anonymous reports.

    “So that’s why we have capture a screen shot, two buttons send it off. Don’t start asking the children because there’s some stuff out there where they ask where did it happen, was it on the bus and all these questions,” Schobel said.

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