October 12, 2015

    STOPit Founder Todd Schobel on the Peeple App Controversy

    Teachers in Central Illinois took time from their classrooms to learn how to battle bullying in the classroom. This is the fifth time Bridging Voices in Our Community has held the conference. Its focus is on social and emotional learning. Some classes discussed social media, stereotypes and anti-bullying laws.

    Organizers say the lessons aren’t just important for kids. Project leaders say, if people understand the ideas while they’re young, it can make them more sensitive adults which can help prevent bullying at work as well as racial discrimination.

    Also at the conference, leaders put together a presentation in honor of anti-bullying advocates who died this year. One of those was our very own Dave Benton.

    The workshop organizer says WCIA-3’s Beyond Bullying series gave her the idea to start the program. She says she never met Dave, but felt like they worked together in sharing a common purpose.

    A new website is causing some controversy. It lets people rate other people. Joining us now is Todd Schobel, CEO of Stopit.

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