March 8, 2015

    STOPit in Juneau Empire

    In 2013, a father of three, Todd Schobel, heard the story of Amanda Todd, a Canadian teen who committed suicide after she posted a YouTube video chronicling her experience with cyberbullying when classmates shared a topless photo of her on the Internet.

    Schobel was disturbed by Amanda Todd’s experience and, although his own children were still young, he sought a way to prevent further cyberbullying in schools by empowering children and teens to stand up for each other and “say enough is enough.”

    Schobel created a smartphone, tablet and desktop app called Stop!t, which allows kids to take screen shots of bullying behavior on social media and send it either anonymously or with their name included to a database of teacher and administrative volunteers.

    “Kids aren’t any better or worse than they were 20 years ago, they just have the technology now,” Schobel told the Empire in January. “People hand their kid a loaded gun with these devices but when someone is given the opportunity to be a hero, their lives are enriched.”


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