May 13, 2015

    STOPit Listed as 1 of 7 Helpful Bullying Resources on “Make Use Of”

    Over 25% of children and teens in the US admit to being the victim of bullying, with 15% admitting to being cyber-bullied. The effects of this kind of behavior can cause issues from social anxiety and depression, to eating disorders and even suicide. If you think your child (of any age) is being bullied at school, this article covers several resources that we hope will help.

    STOPit is a company that’s working with schools to help prevent cyberbullying with the help of mobile apps. If a child sees something online about themselves, or another student that they think is inappropriate, they can send a message or screenshot about this to the school or a trusted adult/friend (anonymously if they like).

    Some of the features include:

    For schools, an impressive reporting and management platform is available to help deal with any reports that come through.

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