May 1, 2015

    STOPit Listed as One of 65+ Awesome Apps for Autism

    Tablets, smartphones, and apps are opening up new worlds for people on the autism spectrum. From the boy in New York whose BFF is Siri to the girl in Australia whose mom created an app to help her communicate, people around the world are finding immersion, independence, and a voice through an ever-growing array of apps and devices.

    But the immense variety of apps can overwhelm us all. How do you narrow down the number and figure out which ones work best?

    We asked our ASD committee, staff Instructors, and Certified Instructors what apps they use or have heard good things about, and came up with this list of 65+ tried-and-true apps, tested by teachers, behavior interventionists, therapists, and other professionals and family members who support individuals with ASD. We hope they help you promote independence and meaningful interaction for the people in your care. Please be sure to share what works for you!

    Bullying Prevention – Stop!t

    Gives kids a tool to report cyberbullying easily and anonymously.

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