February 18, 2015

    STOPit named one of Five Best Ideas of the Day 2/18/15

    The Aspen Institute’s daily post of “Five Best Ideas of the Day” names STOPit as #2 for February 18th, 2015!

    1 – More than a decade ago, the international community tackled AIDS in Africa. Now we should do the same with cancer in the developing world. by Lawrence N. Shulman in Policy Innovations

    2 – Finally, an app for kids to anonymously report cyber-bullying. by Issie Lapowsky in Wired

    3 – Indians in the U.S. sent $13 billion home last year. A new plan aims to push some of that money into social good investments in India. by Simone Schenkel in CSIS Prosper

    4 – Websites are just marketing. The next Internet is TV. by John Herrman in The Awl

    5 – The U.K. may set up a digital court to settle small claims online. by Chris Baraniuk in New Scientist

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