November 9, 2018

    STOPit Pilot Up and Running at KUSD

    Kenosha Unified School District works hard to address, prevent and deal with all forms of bullying and safety concerns for our staff and students.

    To continue this work, the district will be rolling out a new initiative — the upcoming adoption of an electronic online anonymous reporting utility called STOPit (

    The use and encouragement of anonymous electronic reporting utilities has been growing at a rapid pace for the K-12 education sector. This specific utility has been referenced as part of the overall KUSD safety and security initiative. Many states already require school staff to address all reports of bullying and harassment.

    The state of Texas has even passed legislation SB 179, also referred to as “David’s Law,” to require the use of such a tool for all public school districts.

    Applications like STOPit allow for anonymous communication to help encourage the sharing of concerning incidents, hopefully in a proactive and positive manner. The mobile application also provides additional links to resources for students and parents who may be seeking further support with different issues they are facing.

    To begin, the district will pilot this new tool with a small number of schools so we can work out any kinks that may exist for an organization our size. It will also allow us to perfect the system for retrieving and responding to submissions that are received. Shortly thereafter, the district will implement the STOPit reporting utility for all schools.

    The tool allows incidents and/or concerns to be anonymously reported via either a mobile application or web browser interface. To begin, the user will download the mobile app and enter their school-specific code. Each KUSD building will have a unique code that will be shared with staff, students and parents during the launch phase.

    Posters promoting this tool and the school code will be placed throughout the school and shared with families for awareness. Staff and student presentation meetings will introduce the STOPit application to students, with additional communications to parents through multiple outlets to help promote a broad understanding and rationale.

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