September 24, 2018

    STOPit: School District in Gilman, Wis. Uses App to Combat Bullying

    GILMAN — The Gilman School District in Gilman, Wisconsin is using an app to help combat bullying.

    The app is called “STOPit,” aimed at “giving you a voice to do what’s right — helping to make your school environment a safer and happier place to learn and grow.”

    It allows students to report issues like bullying, hazing, violence and inappropriate behavior both on and offline. It is 100 percent anonymous.

    All you have to do is download the app, open it, and enter the access code provided by school officials. When it’s time to report an incident, you simply click “Report” and send your message, photo and/or video evidence to the people who can help. They will then receive your alert, and when necessary, they can reach out to you in a 100 percent anonymous two-way chat.

    The Gilman School District began using the app Monday, Sept. 24.

    “We want to empower our students how they can stand up for themselves as well as each other; through STOPIT students have the opportunity to report inappropriate behavior, any type of bullying, online behavior that’s inappropriate,” Jon Hess, the Gilman Schools 5-12 principal told WEAU.

    All students downloaded the app on their Chromebook Monday and on their smartphones.

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