June 6, 2017

    STOPit Selected as #1 of 10 Useful Classroom Apps That Make Your Job Easier

    It’s time we stop saying that technology in the classroom is a new thing.

    I remember being in Kindergarden and being taught how to use these new-fangled things called “computers”. Back then, people were worried that if kids got used to using computers, they would never appreciate books or writing. Then they realized, well, what’s the point in writing if you have a computer?

    Technology in the classroom is not a new idea. The technology may be new, but the idea is not.

    1. STOPit

    Bullying has become a major issue for schools today. The STOPit app and software suite give students the ability to anonymously report an incident and even include photos or videos. The administrator can then conduct a real-time two-way chat with the person to get more information. Software suite includes other tools to document, track, and manage incidents.

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