May 4, 2015

    STOPit The App That Fights Cyberbullying

    A new platform that works as a reporting tool as well as a management tool for schools to keep track of cyberbullying hit the market this past fall. Founder of STOPit, Todd Schobel says the app allows students, teachers and parents to anonymously report instances of cyber bullying instantly. Schobel hopes that introducing STOPit to all schools ranging from elementary all the way up to college, will help mitigate and deter cyber bullying around the world. 

    “We are working with insurance carriers that want to help the schools they insure Essentially the schools purchase the product and provide it to all of their students for free. All the kids have to do is download the app, and its personalized to them and their educational facility.”

    So far around 14 million students are represented by the schools that have already adopted STOPit. The app has already made its way across the state lines into Canada, and it hopes to make its way into South Africa, Australia and other countries, eventually expanding globally.

    Currently, Schobel and his team are working on a similar version but for the workplace, and soon just for families to use as well.

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