December 17, 2018

    Stopping Threats is Just an App Away

    A Snapchat post began circulating among Redhawks on the morning of Dec. 12 depicting a gun and a clear threat with “Liberty” in the message. An email from Principal Ashley Rainwater was sent to parents that morning with Frisco police officers already on campus as they investigated the threat reported through the STOPit app.

    As concerned parents picked up their children or sent them messages of support, it was soon revealed the threat was intended for a Liberty High School in Missouri. Although Frisco PD acted quickly and the threat was neutralized, students must make it a priority to report any suspicious behavior or threats as soon as possible.

    When the lives of students and the safety of campus is at stake, turning a blind eye to potential danger is inexcusable. In 2018 alone, the nation has been shaken by 93 school shooting incidents, the highest number on record, ending dozens of young lives. At such a tumultuous time, there are no good reasons to shy away from reporting information that could keep this campus from becoming a devastating statistic. If one click has the potential to save dozens of peers, there is not a difficult decision to make.

    The ease and anonymity of reporting through the STOPit app provides a great platform to effectively voice concerns and prompt action. STOPit paves the way for quelling threats as school administrators are alerted and the identity of the informee is never revealed. Students can have confidence in STOPit as tips last week allowed Frisco PD to reach campus and investigate a shooting threat the very same morning.

    Students might hesitate to report information on STOPit under the notion that it’s not a big deal or that a threat was just a dumb joke. Until information sent on the app is investigated, there is no way to know if a threat was credible. While it might not amount to anything, neglecting to report such information is not a risk worth taking. The guilt of staying silent when a simple message could have prevented a massacre does not have to be carried by a Redhawk.

    Last week’s incident false threat can bring positive change for Redhawks as a wake-up call. Knowing Frisco PD and administrators can take swift action with the help of Redhawks, students must take a few seconds to install the STOPit app onto their phones, ready to open should the need arise. The ability to keep the campus free of bullying, drugs, and violence is only a download away.

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