August 31, 2018

    Students Asked to Help Make Schools Safer With STOPit App

    Teachers and staff presented a new safety resource to students on Friday during mandatory advisory. The new app, Stop!t app allows for anonymous reporting for bullying, hazing, discrimination, substance abuse, and other inappropriate incidents at school.

    “It will help with stopping problems at school like bullying by letting students reach out to teachers,” junior Neeraj Gummadapu said. “I don’t think there is a way to make students use the app but if some problem did happen, it could show how the app might be helpful.”

    Reports will go directly to assistant principals who will contact parents of students involved and other teaches as necessary to ensure the problems comes to a stop.

    “I think that’s really good thing to enforce this year, especially because it is anonymous I think makes people a whole lot more comfortable with reporting things that they might not want to if their name were to get out,” senior Shobha Melukote said. “I hope people would feel comfortable using it because I think it would really help us.”

    Through the Pulse club on campus, junior Amelia Jauregui played a role in spreading the word about the app starring in the informational video.

    “I went to a student ambassador training through Frisco with Pulse,” Jauregui said. “One person from each school was able to participate in the video. I just got volunteered. I think the video that people will see will help others understand that bullying really is a problem and now that they’re becoming more tech savvy, they are able to do something about it.”

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