September 3, 2015

    Tracking and Respecting Your Child’s Phone

    After a threat over Instagram locked down a Kansas school, app developers want parents to be able to respectfully track their children’s digital activity and keep them safe in the digital world.

    Another app that is used by schools called STOPit! helps report material on an anonymous platform.

    The app founder, Todd Schobel, says the New Jersey-based app is in over 120 schools and there is an agreement in the works to bring the app to a Kansas school.

    “Anonymous is huge,” Schobel said, “The fear of retribution, the fear of being called a snitch, those things tend to go away when a student feels they can confidently make someone aware of what is going on.”

    The app functions by the student taking a screen-grab of digital content they feel needs to be reported. The student then takes the screen-grab and pushes it over the app where their respective school administrators will take over.


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