December 9, 2015

    Webb City School District to Employ ‘STOPIT’ App to Combat Bullying

    WEBB CITY, Mo. — The Webb City School Board this week agreed to a one-year contract to implement a high-tech approach to reporting instances of bullying.

    Kevin Cooper, assistant superintendent of the district’s business operations, told the board the system known as “STOPIT” will provide students a “way that is confidential and private to report a bullying situation.”

    Cooper said district students will be able to access the system by downloading a special mobile app to their electronic devices that will allow them to anonymously report an incident of bullying. The report will then be relayed to district administration staff for investigation.

    Cooper told the board that the district’s current system of reporting and investigating bullying complaints will also remain in place.

    “This (the STOPIT system) is for the kid who says ‘What do I do?’” he said.

    Cooper said the program should be in operation by the first of the year.

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