December 14, 2015

    Webb City Schools Implement “Stop It” Application

    With Twitter, Facebook and all the other social media platforms, bullying has become something that students can no longer avoid.

    “We’re hoping that with this program, we’re using technology to combat technology,” said Kevin Cooper, Webb City Asst. Superintendent.

    The Webb City School District is trying to help their students deal with bullying through the ‘Stop It’ application. It will allow students to report bullying anonymously using their phones.

    “It’s just an easier way to make a report, you know, right now. If a student wants to make a report, it’s generally in a face to face way, or maybe they can send an email,” said Cooper.

    One parent who says she tries to help her kids with the stress of bullying is glad the district is launching the app.

    “If they don’t feel like it’s appropriate for them to tell an administrator, or even a parent, that something is happening and they’re internalizing it, then they can turn to that app and be able to use that application and get it reported,” said Lisa Montgomery, parent.

    She says her children feel if they say something they may be bullied more.

    “Very seldom will they tell a teacher or an administrator because they don’t want to look like they are tattling,” said Montgomery.

    Students have the ability to access the application through their cell phones and on Tablets provided by the school.

    “One thing they can have out is that Chromebook, they’re all issued a Chromebook from the school, and the book will have the capabilities to make a report right then and there,” Cooper explained.

    Students also have the ability to report their issue to who they see fit.

    “Whoever is making the report can choose where they want that to go, it might go to a principle, might go to a councilor, might go to our school resource officer. It can even come to the superintendent,” said Cooper.

    The application can be used for more than just bullying.

    “There’s also a button on it that allows you to call for help. So if you push the help button, it might divert you to a number that says ‘Suicide Prevention Hotline,’ it may have a number on there that’s the ‘National Child Abuse Hotline,'” said Cooper.

    The ‘Stop It’ application will be made available to students at the beginning of January.

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