December 8, 2014

    Wyncode Academy Names STOPit as One of Four Apps that Are Changing the World

    Can a smartphone app change the world? It turns out that there are many apps available that are doing their part to make your life easier and make the world a better place.


    The instances of bullying among children has escalated thanks to the convenience of cyber bullying. Now bullies can harass other children without leaving their homes and most children who are bullied avoid saying anything because they do not want to deal with the questions and the attention.

    But the STOPit app allows children who are being bullied to send a screen shot of the bullying incident on social media through their smartphone to a school administrator or other trusted adult who can handle the situation with candor.

    When a smartphone app can help call attention to a damaged infrastructure or get money to starving children, then that app is doing a lot to change the world. There are many apps available that are doing their part to make the world a better place and to make your life a lot easier at the same time.


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