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    Identify & Alert

    Bark for Schools+ Network & Device Safety System

    Scans, monitors, and filters devices, networks, and internet activity for signs of violent, unsafe, or harmful behaviors, and alerts school officials to intervene.

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    How Bark for Schools+ Network & Device Safety System (BfS+) Works

    BfS+ scans, reviews, alerts, and documents device, file, network, and internet activity providing you with one of the most comprehensive surveillance reporting systems available.

    Provide Complete Visibility to Student Activity

    BfS+ proprietary technology utilizes machine learning and advanced techniques to scan, monitor, and filter school-issued G Suite and Office 365 accounts — with specialized extensions for Chrome and Chromebook. It allows you to select sites students can access — or even restrict whole categories like streaming services, online gaming, sexual content, and more for a safer, healthier learning environment.

    Review, Assess, and Qualify Content and Activity

    Trained Incident Response Team reviews and assesses flagged content to determine context and severity. This extends your resources, without using your resources.

    24/7 Escalation of Serious Issues to School Officials

    Bark Incident Response Team immediately escalates life-threatening content or activity to school officials 24/7/365 via dashboard, email, text, and/or phone call alert for timely intervention and action.

    Personalized Reports of Issues and Trends

    Reports provide insight into identified issues, such as identity, type, occurrence, and trends affecting individual and school safety.

    Exclusive Parent Portal for Shared Responsibility

    For even greater online safety, BfS+ allows schools to share alerts and responses with assigned family members during after-school hours, weekends, and holidays when students may be using their school-issued accounts and/or devices.

    What Sets Us Apart

    What Customers Are Saying About Bark for Schools+

    I received a flagged email regarding a student, and I was able to reach out to our guidance counselor and principal to make sure they knew of the situation. They then called the family, and we were able to get that student help prior to anything happening. This is just one example, but I’ve seen a lot of cases like that, where we can step in and nip it in the bud before it grows legs.

    Dan LaulettaIT Director | Plum Borough School District

    It’s been extremely beneficial to take advantage of this service, monitor for safety, and provide information to address even the most minor of situations.

    Dean MantzNetwork Coordinator | Sterling Unified School District

    Within a few days, Bark found multiple issues that would have gone unnoticed if we hadn’t been scanning Gmail and Hangouts. When an issue arose that could have been life-threatening for one of our students, a Bark team member called our school to help us take correct action.

    Thad SchulzTechnology Coordinator | Sebeka Public School

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    Impact and Results

    Since its inception, Bark for Schools and Schools+ has had a significant effect on schools nationwide.
    Issues Identified on Google & Microsoft Accounts
    Bark is dedicated to making sure your student data is secure. We adhere to all the compliance standards required by COPPA, FERPA, CIPA, SOC 2 Type II, and AB 1584.
    270,000 +
    Students Involved in Severe Bullying
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    69,000 +
    School Accounts Used for Illicit Drug Distribution and Discussions
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    36,000 +
    Students Expressing Self-Harm, Cutting, or Suicidal Thoughts
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