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    Join the millions of students, employees, and citizens who trust STOPit Safety & Wellness Solutions to help protect their physical, social and emotional well‑being.

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    Trusted by K-12 Schools, Higher Education, Workplace, and Public Safety Agencies Nationwide and in 7 Countries

    We Provide Technology, Training, and Resources to Meet Your Safety & Wellness Needs

    We partner with you to identify and help at-risk individuals, build and sustain a prevention-driven culture, and extend your staff’s capacity using our team’s resources and capabilities. We do this by providing safety technology, wellness training, and dedicated specialists.

    Safety Technology
    Identify, intervene, and provide assistance to at-risk individuals displaying violent, harmful, or other disruptive behaviors.
    Wellness Training
    Engage and educate students and employees on how to create a prevention-driven learning, working, and community culture.
    Dedicated Specialists
    Extend your team's capacity by using our dedicated account and certified incident response specialists.

    STOPit Safety & Wellness Solutions

    From schools and universities to workplaces and communities, STOPit safeguards your students, employees, and citizens with proven technology, training, and resources solutions.

    What Customers Are Saying About Us

    Every day we exchange feedback with our customers to continually improve our solutions and their experience. Here is what they are saying about us ...

    STOPit removes many of the barriers between the student and someone who can help them. Having this program sends a clear message to all students that we care about them and want to help them.

    Becca LevesqueDistrict Emergency Management Coordinator | Texas Leadership Public Schools

    STOPit Solutions has provided our organization, which has a very broad geographical footprint and many employees, with the ability to stay connected to our staff 24/7 on hotline issues.

    Joseph R. McNeil, BS, MBAAssociate Vice President of Human Resources | Oklahoma Blood Institute

    STOPit has been a great partner! They have provided Arkansas schools with much-needed safety and SEL resources. The SEL resources were especially useful for students during the pandemic.

    Phoebe BaileyDirector and AESA Executive Council Past President | Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative

    STOPit Solutions has been an integral part of our success with HIB. It has allowed us to be proactive and is easy to use. The support is quick, professional and there is always someone ready to help.

    Brian LucianiDirector of Academics | Kenilworth Public Schools, NJ

    For students and parents STOPit is incredibly simple. From the administration side; Reliability, Consistency and Customer success. These are the top three reasons our district is going into year five with STOPit.

    Karen StevensDirector Discipline & Student Attendance Management | Comal ISD, TX

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    We Save and Change Lives Every Day

    We love the number of users we have, but what really matters is the impact and number of programs being used in schools, colleges, workplaces, and communities using our programs from around the world.
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    20,000 +
    Threatening Interventions
    5,000 +
    Suicide, Self-Harm, & Shooting Threat Interventions
    5,000,000 +
    Use Our Programs in 7 Countries
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