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    Assess & Manage

    Threat Assessment &
    Intervention Training

    Trains multidisciplinary teams to review and assess the level of risk an individual may be to themselves or others – then develop a plan to protect the individual and possible targets.

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    How Threat Assessment & Intervention Training Works

    Our Threat Assessment & Intervention Training is based on one of the nation's leading programs, the Salem-Keizer-Cascade Model for Student Threat Assessment Teams, which teaches principles and a step-by-step process to conduct a threat assessment using examples, exercises, and hands-on case studies.

    Creates Multidisciplinary Teams for Better Outcomes

    Learn how to create or leverage an existing team of internal and/or external members from multiple disciplines in order to synergize and deliver a
    comprehensive assessment outcome.

    Provides Threat Assessment & Intervention Training Principles, Research
    & Impact

    Threat Assessment & Intervention Training grounds teams in the basic foundations, research and impact of  threat assessment and intervention to build credibility, help evangelize the program, and  ease participants into learning without overwhelming them.

    Provides Step-by-Step Training & Forms

    Learn “Level I & II” assessment models to determine risk seriousness and needed level of intervention utilizing step-by-step guides and forms for timely outcomes that do not compromise program fidelity.

    Conduct Case Studies to Prepare Teams

    Read and learn threat examples, exercises, and hands-on case studies to put learning to practice. This ensures everyone is ready and understands their role and responsibilities before an actual threat.

    Our Resources and Insights

    STOPit Safety & Wellness Program Resources, Insights, and Research

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