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    Workplace Safety & Wellness Solutions

    Create Safer, Healthier, and More
    Inclusive Work Environments

    Awareness is Step 1 towards Prevention, but employees may be fearful to speak up. Creating safe & trusted communication channels are key to addressing employee reluctance to come forward.

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    We Provide Technology, Training, and Resources to Meet Your Safety & Wellness Needs

    Workplaces are experiencing serious challenges – from sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination to fraud, safety concerns and violence. These challenges greatly impact a company’s most important asset: Their People. That’s why STOPit offers proven comprehensive workplace solutions to help identify, intervene, and get help for individuals.

    Safety Technology
    Identify, intervene, and provide assistance to at-risk individuals displaying violent, harmful, or other disruptive behaviors.
    Wellness Training
    Engage and educate students and employees on how to create a prevention-driven learning, working, and community culture.
    Dedicated Specialists
    Extend your team's capacity by using our dedicated account and certified incident response specialists.

    STOPit Workplace Safety & Wellness Solutions

    Why Employers Trust STOPit to Protect Their Staff & Customers

    Organizations that invest in our platform for their employees do so with the goal of knowing more about concerns that are not being addressed or surfaced. Armed with this intelligence, they know where to focus their attention to make their workplace a safer and more inclusive environment.


    Safety needs are growing, and technology is changing at unprecedented speeds. Our workplace customers rely on us for innovative, proprietary solutions that continually raise industry standards.

    • Experts to Innovate and Provide Best Practices

    • Minimize Resource and Time Investment

    • Greater Reliability & Security

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    Customer Experience

    If you want to create a safer, healthier workplace, you need to provide an exceptional customer experience. STOPit is the industry leader in providing support, service and dedicated specialists saving you time, resources, and cost.

    • Dedicated Customer Experience Managers

    • Incident Response Specialists

    • Crisis Text Line™ Counselors

    • Out-of-Hours Incident Management

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    Data Security
    and Privacy

    STOPit and its data security & privacy team deploy industry-leading technology solutions that continuously monitor our platforms and infrastructure, ensuring your data is safe, secure, and kept confidential.

    • Industry-Leading Certifications and Compliance

    • Rigorous Security and Backup Measures

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    Impact and Results

    STOPit safety & wellness solutions impact and results highlight why workplace customers trust us to safeguard their employees. 

    • 40,000+ Life Threatening Interventions

    • 10,000+ Suicide, Self-Harm, & Shooting Threat Interventions

    • 5,500,000+ Use Our Programs in 7 Countries

    • 4.0 out of 5.0 Points Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

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    STOPit Safety & Wellness Program Resources, Insights, and Research