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    Identify & Alert

    Mobilize Your Response Team Anywhere, Anytime with STOPit Notify

    - A panic button in every staff member's pocket
    - 2-way communication during incidents
    - Emergency management and mass notification system for administrators
    - Direct connection to 911 if needed
    - Meets requirements of Alyssa's law

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    Take command of an event based on facts for rapid response when seconds count.

    Nothing is more important than a safe environment. Serious threats in schools and workplaces are rare. However, emergencies do happen. There are tangible benefits to being prepared for extreme weather events, active shooters, and other emergencies.

    911+ Concierge

    STOPit’s Crisis Center monitors emergencies in real-time and engages 911 when necessary, providing invaluable support and guidance for prompt and effective responses.

    Request Help to Accelerate Response Time

    When help is needed, whether life or non-life
    threatening, Notify lets assigned users instantly request assistance from colleagues and/or 911 with a simple push of a button, significantly improving internal and emergency response time.

    Provides Location and Situation Need for a Better Response

    The emergency or assistance request is instantly and simultaneously sent with the situation, location, and need. These reported facts allow for proper protocol selection and better actioning by responding individuals.


    STOPit Notify integrates with Human Resource Systems, Access Control Systems, Phone Systems, and Visitor Management Systems, enhancing the overall safety infrastructure of your school.

    Collaborate to Keep Updated and Informed

    The team communication feature allows for private, real-time collaboration and exchange of information – including sharing media, needed actions, and other critical information. This keeps users updated and maintains transparency around a given situation.

    Documentation of Situation Details and Actions Taken

    Our solution captures and stores each event, actions and communication. This allows you to reference, track, and/or submit a report as part of any mandated compliance, policy, or procedure.


    Other Key Features

    Safety Alert Function - Users are prompted to check in and update their safety status in order to identify those in need of help and their location.

    Incident Dashboard - Critical communication platform helps collect information, monitor the situation, aid in making informed decisions, and coordinate actions.

    Real-Time Updates - Provide and receive real-time updates amongst users and first responders for better situation assessment and response.

    Attachment Capability - Users can upload and send videos and other media to keep staff and other responders informed.

    Cloud-Based System - Our solution's cloud-based system means no new hardware or integration with your existing systems.

    Provides Pre-Loaded Response Plans - The system delivers pre-loaded response plans (lockdown, take cover) ensuring all recipients are instantly alerted of the situation and actions they need to take.


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