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    YMCA Safety & Wellness Solutions

    Create a safer, better-connected, healthier environment for
    Y communities.

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    The heartbeat of every vibrant YMCA community is a dedicated team of staff who breathe life into its mission. At STOPit Solutions, we recognize the profound impact that the physical and mental well-being of YMCA staff can have on the overall health of the community they serve.

    Our suite of solutions is strategically designed to enhance traditional safety measures and to prioritize the mental health of your invaluable staff members. From anonymous incident reporting and ensuring a secure and supportive work environment to immediate crisis support, we aim to empower your staff, knowing that their mental well-being is a priority and a cornerstone for fostering thriving and resilient YMCA communities. Join us in championing a culture of care and well-being within your YMCA family.

    Solutions for Y Communities

    Now more than ever, your team members can benefit from a comprehensive organization wide support system that normalizes asking for help in a manner that decreases the stigma of doing so. Learn More
    STOPit Notify
    The Future of Safety Communications and Emergency Management is here through a powerful and practical emergency response solution. Learn More
    STOPit Rescue
    YMCA Associations needed a physical panic button solution for the pool area, where smart phones are inaccessible. Ideally, they needed something that could activate in water. Learn More

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