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    Assess & Manage

    Threat Assessment Case
    Management System

    Automated, step-by-step program guides teams through your school’s threat assessment process to ensure consistent and compliant assessments, generate better-informed decisions, and develop more impactful protection plans.

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    How the Threat Assessment Case Management System Works

    Our solution provides the nation’s top 3 threat assessment models (or your school’s custom solution) in a cloud-based case management system that guides users, step-by-step, through each model’s specific protocols and questions for more compliant, efficient, and thorough assessments and response plans.

    Step-by-Step Protocols and Questions

    Our solution features an online step-by-step procedure that follows your specific threat assessment model’s protocols and questions for more efficient, consistent, and compliant process.

    • Supports the nation’s top 3 models or can be customized to your own protocols

    • Includes violence, suicide, sexual, and fire setting assessments

    Built-In Risk Criteria to Determine Threat Level

    Prompted risk criteria to guide users through a series of questions and protocols to ensure a thorough, consistent assessment of threat level.

    Creates a Protective Action Plan

    Our solution helps create a protective action and supervision plan based on threat-level and underlying issues ensuring at-risk individuals are safe from hurting themselves and/or others.

    Complete Audit Trail Ensuring Compliance

    Every document, action, and decision is captured and time-stamped creating a complete documented, compliant case of the threat and steps taken.

    Real-Time Status and Activity Dashboard

    Our solution features a central dashboard that lists all individual case status, actions needed, alerts, due dates, and owners keeping you informed and on time.

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